Advancing Responsible Innovation: Insights from Meridian’s Global Dialogue Dinner

A group of people sitting at one side of a long table.
Attendees gather at the table during the Meridian Global Dialogue Dinner, “AI at the Table: Shaping the Future of Responsible Innovation,” on January 30, 2024 at Meridian International Center in Washington, DC. Photo by Meridian International Center.

Since this time last year, Meridian International Center has convened 6 programs dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI). During this time, our programs have gone from defining AI and assessing its societal implications to emphasizing the need for its safe and responsible development, reflecting the lightning-fast evolution of AI systems and applications. Recognizing the complexity of regulating this transformative technology, Meridian, in collaboration with Salesforce, hosted a curated dinner discussion on Tuesday, January 30, 2024. The event brought together U.S. policymakers, foreign diplomats, technology industry experts, and private sector leaders, with Salesforce President and Chief Legal Officer Sabastian Niles as the guest of honor.

The discussion, facilitated by Ambassador David Gross, Partner at Wiley Rein, explored how governments and technology companies could work together to foster sustainable and ethical innovation. Participants shed light on the current state of private-public partnerships on AI development and the proactive steps being taken by nations around the world to ensure AI’s safe integration into society. While optimistic, participants also voiced concerns about the potential challenges posed by the proliferation of disparate AI policies across nations. Drawing attention to the United Nation’s Interim Report on Governing AI for Humanity, participants explored the feasibility of entrusting multilateral organizations with the development of a comprehensive AI regulatory framework, as well as the challenges that would arise from having multilateral bodies regulate a technology exclusively owned by the private sector.

As the evening drew to a close, participants emphasized the importance of establishing a set of norms to guide the responsible use and advancement of AI. Participants nearly unanimously agreed that fostering an inclusive approach, wherein government, industry, and civil society collaborate, is paramount to navigating the regulatory challenges posed by AI.

This program is part of Meridian’s Global Dialogue Dinner series, which brings together individuals from diverse sectors to examine the central policy challenges confronting both the United States and the world in a nonpartisan and neutral setting.

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Project summary

Advancing Responsible Innovation: Insights from Meridian’s Global Dialogue Dinner | January 2024
Number of Attendees: 26
Regions: Europe and Eurasia, East Asia and Pacific, South and Central Asia
Countries: Singapore, Netherlands, Sweden, India
Impact Areas: Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity
Partners: Private Sector