Tech Envoy Series

The Meridian Tech Envoy Series explores the intersection of diplomacy and emerging technology

At the Meridian Global Leadership Summit in October 2022, we convened over 30 speakers to discuss how the public and private sectors can join forces with civil societies worldwide to tackle today’s most significant challenges through technology.

This initiative expands on the lessons learned shared during the Summit to train outgoing U.S. and foreign diplomats based in Washington about the role emerging technologies are playing in transitioning governments, businesses, and citizens to a digitalized society and how to mitigate the risks and unintended consequences that come with necessary innovation and growth – a crucial, but often missing area of knowledge for many.

The core of this initiative is a series of hybrid programs and training that will take place on Meridian’s historic Washington, DC, campus throughout 2023 and beyond.

The Tech Envoy Series brings together leaders and experts from a cross-section of Washington, D.C. and beyond, including members of the foreign diplomatic corps; international organization representatives; U.S. government policymakers; relevant private sector representatives; technology firms; think tank experts; journalists; NGO leaders; as well as academics and other policy professionals.

Programs and trainings will focus on the following themes

  • Critical Mineral supply chains and security.
  • Data privacy.
  • Cybersecurity: Where are we headed in 2023?
  • Artificial Intelligence: What is the responsible use of A.I.?
  • State, Federal, and GlobalTech Policy – how do we coordinate policy and regulatory conformity across various levels of government?
  • Digital Divide: Increasing digital equity among vulnerable populations.

Upcoming Programs

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