Tech Envoy Series – Digital Holdup: Countering Ransomware’s Hostile Takeover


Tech Envoy Series - Digital Holdup: Countering Ransomware's Hostile Takeover - YouTube

Join us on Thursday, September 7, 2023 for a Tech Envoy Series program on ransomware.

Countering ransomware attacks has become an increasing focus of governments and industry as the scale and scope of these attacks continue to rise, costing organizations billions of dollars annually. This session will discuss best practices to counter ransomware. The program will focus on the AWS and OAS white paper: Challenges and Strategies: Considerations on Ransomware Attacks in the Americas.

Meridian will bring together 40-50 senior foreign diplomats, private sector tech leaders, and members of the U.S. government for a discussion on ransomware. The program will be split into two portions: an invite-only fireside chat and a hybrid discussion featuring a panel of experts.

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About the Tech Envoy Series

The Tech Envoy Series enables discussion on ways the public and private sectors can join forces with civil society around the world to tackle today’s greatest challenges through technology.