Study Tour for Kazak TV Executives

Kazakhstan TV Executive Program at Meridian International Center
Kazakhstan TV Executive Program at Meridian International Center

Meridian International Center has implemented a Study Tour for a delegation of five TV executives from Kazakhstan, funded by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Astana, Kazakhstan. The purpose of this program is to provide new insight to the executives the best practices in U.S. broadcast journalism, across both traditional and digital platforms, and to expand and enhance their media operations and services.

The executives traveled to both Washington, DC and New York City, NY. Over the course of one week, they engaged with both commercial and public media outlets – such as CNN and PBS (including PBS NewsHour and WNET) – where they learned about the latest industry trends, operational practices and professional standards of U.S broadcast media (including objective coverage in U.S. TV and digital journalism), and how to employ innovative strategies to repurpose and distribute media content across digital platforms, among other things.

The executives also learned about the current political, economic, and social issues in the United States, and the complexity of the country’s society and culture.

Project summary

Study Tour for Kazak TV Executives | June 2018
Number of Visitors: 5
Regions: South and Central Asia
Countries: Kazakhstan
Impact Areas: Media and Journalism
Program Areas: Global Leadership, Culture
Partners: Diplomatic Corps, NGOs, Private Sector