Global Business Briefing with Her Excellency Diana Mondino, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Argentine Republic


The foreign Minister of Argentina, in the center of the speakers sits in front of a large tapestry delivering remarks. Other attendees can be seen seated next to her listening to the remarks.
Her Excellency Diana Mondino proceeds with opening remarks during the Meridian Global Business Briefing on May 16, 2024. Photo by Jess Latos

President Javier Milei of Argentina has made clear his desire to see Argentina carve out a position of international relevance and prestige. What is his vision for this? What are opportunities for investment in Argentina and the main foreign policy objectives of his administration? We asked these questions and more during our briefing with Minister Mondino held on May 16, 2024. Joining Meridian for the discussion were Mr. Jay Thompson of Chevron, who served as the corporate host, and Meridian Chief Executive Officer, Ambassador Stuart Holliday who moderated the discussion 

About Her Excellency Diana Mondino

During her professional career, she worked across various sectors and served on the board of directors of companies such as Loma Negra (Ticker: LOMA), Bodegas Valentín Bianchi, Establecimientos San Ignacio S.A., Pampa Energía S.A. (Ticker: PAM), Supervielle Group (Ticker: SUPV), Edenor S.A. (Ticker: EDN) and Banco Roela S.A., and on the Board of Trustees of Banco de Alimentos Buenos Aires Foundation. She also served as Country Manager and Regional Manager for Latin America at Standard & Poor’s Credit Market Services. She was a founding member and principal analyst at Risk Analysis (Credit Rating Agency), and principal analyst and strategist at Analytica-IBC Consulting. She served as consultant and “expert witness” on topics related to the development of capital markets and business finances. She is also a former member of the Council of the Americas, the Inter-American Dialogue’s daily Latin America Advisor and the American Chamber of Commerce, and a participant in FAME – NGO for the progress of professional women. he has vast teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate courses, presentations, and economic and business affairs. She was a torchbearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, won the silver medal in the Lenovo New Thinkers global contest, received the Mc Graw Hill excellence in management award, and won the First Prize in the ADEBA Contest (1983). She is also the author of the books “Finanzas para Empresas Competitivas” (Finance for Competitive Companies) —Publishing House Granica, 5 Editions, co-authored with Eugenio Pendás— and “Tratado de Finanzas” (Treatise on Finance) – Publishing House Thomson Reuters – La Ley. Chapter six: Economía del Comportamiento (Behavioural Economics).  

Here are some takeaways from the program:

The discussion centered around Argentina’s recent economic and regulatory changes, highlighting the government's efforts to dismantle most regulations and substantially reduce the fiscal and national deficits. Despite facing strikes and opposition backlash, the administration is continuing on its path to cut down on inflation. Internationally, Argentina is considering various international agreements, aimed at enhancing international trade relations, including negotiations with the EU, Switzerland, and potential U.S. partnerships. Argentina's strategic focus includes fulfilling international agreements, maintaining a balanced stance on global issues, and leveraging its agricultural capacity. Finally, the administration under President Milei is pushing for significant technological advancements which should help to alleviate stress on the Argentinian economy. 

Project summary

Global Business Briefing with Her Excellency Diana Mondino, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Argentine Republic | May 2024
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