11th Annual Meridian Global Leadership Summit

Meridian Global Leadership Summit, October 21, 2022. Photo by Oskar Dap.

2022 Meridian Summit: Preparing for Tech Transformation in a Digitalized World

Meridian International Center hosted the 11th Annual Meridian Global Leadership Summit on Friday, October 21 to an in-person and live global audience of over 1000. The first in-person Summit in the last two years focused on exploring the intersection of diplomacy and emerging technology to foster policies that develop trust and allow innovation to flourish, build cyber resilient systems, and devise responsible regulations that ensure transparency and accountability while accelarating economic growth.

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Summit Agenda



Innovation Stage Emcees: Dr. Vlad Eidelman, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Scientist, FiscalNote, Patricia Gruver, Tech Policy Manager, Meridian International Center

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