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For the last 60 years Meridian has worked to facilitate collaboration across sectors on a number of key issues, including global health. As the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 continues to sweep through nations around the world, Meridian works to bring experts from the public and private sectors together to discuss policy priorities for health and well-being, and to collaborate on innovative solutions to global health challenges that threaten the stability and security of nations worldwide.

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The Meridian Summit: The Rise of Global Health Diplomacy

With public health on the margins of international conversations, COVID-19 has transformed it into a central factor in nearly all global decisions. Governments and businesses are adding seats to the table for health experts and scientists. The traditional diplomatic principles of trust, relationship building and engagement —alongside technological and scientific innovations—will shape how we recover from the largest economic and health crisis of our lifetime.

The 2020 Meridian Summit will bring together the top diplomatic, business and government leaders to explore The Rise of Global Health Diplomacy and the necessary skills, policies and networks needed to succeed. Concurrent breakout segments in addition to the plenary sessions will allow participants to tailor their experience to match their individual interests and be part of the conversation.

Summit Solution Sessions

  • Advancing Equitable Access to Healthcare Worldwide
  • Reconceptualizing and Retooling the Global Health Workforce
  • The Private Sector’s Role in Rebuilding a More Equitable Economic Recovery
  • Trading Up: Rethinking International Health Supply Chains
  • Harnessing Momentum to Build Global Health Security
  • Leadership in Times of Crisis

*The Meridian Summit will take place on October 23, 2020. This page will be updated with more information following the event.

Global Leaders Respond to COVID-19

Meridian hosted its first-ever virtual convening on March 25, 2020 to bring together leaders from the diplomatic corp and private sector for a robust discussion on the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Joined by Ambassador John E. Lange, Senior Fellow for Global Health Diplomacy at the United Nations Foundation; Brittany Masalosalo, Head of International Affairs and Public Policy at 3M; His Excellency Ashok Mirpuri, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore; and Ambassador Nestor Forster, Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy of Brazil, the conversation focused on complexities in global cooperation and the outlook for the global economy.

"My fundamental hope is that we use this terrible crisis as an opportunity to deal with short-term needs and build long-term health security capacity. After this is over, let's prepare for the next one," concluded Ambassador Lange. Read more here.

America's doctor addresses the Opioid crisis with diplomats

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams addressed a room of foreign diplomats at Meridian in May of 2019 to discuss the rising opioid crisis, complexities within the U.S. healthcare system and economic disparities resulting from the variation of health policies from state to state.

Adams asserted that many components aid in creating healthy living conditions and should be considered when developing healthcare policies, such as a living wage. In fact, according to Adams, U.S. domestic policy has a tendency to focus on “sickcare” rather than healthcare. Adams pointed to 'Blue Zones' around the world, which are communities that have environments more conducive to healthy habits, such those that prioritize creating safe ways for people to walk or bike to work.

“We need to fund upstream,” Adams said, “[and] address the root of the problem.” In other words, innovation may only be only useful when accessible. Providing a framework for the discussion, Adams shared insight into his brother’s addiction to opioids. He also gave a demonstration on how to use Narcan, a nasal spray, and EVZIO, a pre-filled auto-injection device, which reverse opioid overdose. Adams aims to increase the availability of these drugs for everyone in the U.S.

Collaboration was top of mind for Adams, as he emphasized better health through better public partnerships. The Surgeon General suggested engaging with communities directly to work together on solutions, rather than through mandates. Whether it’s eradicating measles or Ebola, “everyone wants what is best for their family,” Adams concluded. Read more here.

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