International Anticorruption Champions Initiative

This two week special initiative enhanced the experience for the eight recipients of the 2022 International Anti Corruption Awards with an IVLP that took them to St. Petersburg, Florida and Washington DC. The group included journalists, NGO leaders, auditors, lawyers, and magistrates from every region of the world. While in the United States, they learned more about systems for holding government and business accountable; statutory, judicial, and regulatory frameworks for fighting corruption and fraud; and the role of NGOs, the media, and independent government entities in promoting transparency. Among the highlights were an Interagency Task Force workshop in Florida where they gained insights into how law enforcement at the federal, regional, state, and local level collaborates on combatting corruption; and a tour of OpenGovHub, a collaborative space in Washington DC for NGOs and initiatives working to make government more open and transparent.

Supporting a Collective Response Against Corruption through the IVLP in St. Petersburg, Florida and Washington, D.C.

Project summary