U.S.-France Leadership Dialogue

The U.S.-France Leadership Dialogue convenes leaders from the public, private, and diplomatic sectors in both countries around timely issues central to the bilateral relationship. Meridian, Dialogue partners, and participants identify key areas for collaboration on current economic, strategic, and social issues, and lay the groundwork for concrete initiatives to address such challenges. Comprised of public and private fora, salon dinners, roundtables, and international exchanges, the U.S. – France Leadership Dialogue is designed to create a sustained conversation among decision-makers and thought-leaders invested in Franco-American cooperation. Meridian’s partners in the Dialogue include Fortune500 companies and leading NGOs. Additionally, we work closely with the diplomatic community, including the French Embassy in Washington and the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

Framing the Dialogue

The U.S. – France Leadership Dialogue examines:

  • Economic challenges facing both countries, as well as other developed economies, and how the U.S. and France can take the lead on such opportunities as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP);
  • Shared strategic priorities, including NATO, border security, and other opportunities to leverage the strong partnerships between the United States and France in these areas;
  • The societal and cultural issues that arise as a result of the growth and increasing economic power of the emerging economies, and how the United States and France can play a key role in preserving their shared values;
  • Policies that will lead to continued U.S. – France leadership in scientific innovation and technology, with a particular focus on initiatives to encourage cooperation between the two countries across all sectors;
  • The historical and cultural underpinnings of the storied Franco-American alliance, and opportunities to share this story and build new relationships through cultural and public diplomacy; and
  • Other areas as defined in consultation with partners.

Extending the Dialogue

The U.S. – France Leadership Dialogue is designed to be responsive to unfolding topics and events, thus serving as an adaptable forum and inviting input from cross-sector stakeholders. This ongoing exchange of ideas and information between established and emerging voices in both countries will strengthen U.S. – France relations and forge vital connections among established and emerging leaders at every level across sectors. The Dialogue is further bolstered through interaction with international visitors and fellows, the work of the Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy, and technology platforms such as Meridian’s blog, The LEAD.

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