Meridian Awards and Honors

These awards bestowed by Meridian were conceived to honor those who, by their actions and practices, exemplify the positive impact individual and corporate leaders can have in their communities and the world. These individuals are champions of Meridian’s belief that all citizens can be global leaders and they share Meridian’s commitment to promote international understanding through the exchange of ideas, people, and culture.

Meridian Corporate Leader Award

This award recognizes exceptional business leaders whose vision and management abilities have helped their companies succeed in a global marketplace, increased international collaboration, and made societal impact a corporate priority.

Meridian Global Citizen Award

This award recognizes distinguished leaders whose outstanding contributions and commitment to society have resulted in stronger international partnerships, greater understanding between nations, and a healthier, more secure and prosperous world.

Meridian Cultural Diplomacy Award

This award is bestowed on artists and leaders who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to using the arts and culture to unite people worldwide through shared values and interests and contribute to greater international cooperation on shared challenges.

Meridian Democracy Strengthener Award

This award recognizes exceptional individuals whose demonstrated commitment to uphold and advance democratic values in the United States and abroad has personified the shared universal aspiration of a free, safe and just world.

Meridian Corporate Leader Awardees

Meridian Global Citizen Awardees

Meridian Cultural Diplomacy Awardees

Meridian Democracy Strengthener Awardees

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