Wilson Saavedra

Founder & CEO @ Bolivian NaturalsBolivia

YLAI Professional Fellows Program, Class of 2016

Wilson Saavedra is the founder and CEO of Bolivian Naturals which specializes in the industrialization and distribution of organic and natural products. Bolivian Naturals is founded upon an inclusive business model to increase and stabilize the incomes of small-scale Bolivian food producers, with the aim of increasing the production and availability of Bolivian natural and organic products with high nutritional potential for the national and international market. In 2015, Wilson was selected to take part in the Atlas Corps Fellowship program and worked for one year with the international NGO Heartland Alliance International which is based in Chicago. Prior to this, Wilson developed business plans and international markets for Bolivian companies and farmer associations in the organic food sector. Wilson earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance with honors from the Bolivian Private University.