Shawn Donnan

World Trade Editor @ Financial Times

Shawn Donnan moved from London to Washington as the FT’s world trade editor, leading the FT’s global coverage of trade and development. He also covers issues related to globalization; reports on the International Monetary Fund and World Bank; and contributes to coverage of the US economy.

He was appointed to this role in September 2013. Mr Donnan was previously World News Editor, after being promoted from Deputy World News Editor in June 2010. Prior to that, he was the Asia World News Editor and the Asia International Company News page editor based in Hong Kong. He was also the FT’s Indonesia correspondent based in Jakarta. He joined the FT in November 1999 in Sydney, Australia. Prior to joining the Financial Times, Mr Donnan worked as a staff writer for the Associated Press in the US and as a Sydney-based reporter for Agence France-Presse. Besides the Financial Times, his work has appeared in major newspapers worldwide, including the South China Morning Post, the Los Angeles Times and Christian Science Monitor. Mr Donnan graduated from Boston University, majoring in International Relations.