Saqib Riaz

Atlas Corps Fellow | Communications Fellow @ Meridian

Saqib Riaz is an Atlas Corps Fellow from Pakistan and serving as Communications Fellow at Meridian International Center. He assists the GlobalConnect Division’s communication and program teams in developing and implementing social media and public outreach strategies for greater visibility and enhanced presence on new media. He is also responsible for developing programmatic content for marketing of GlobalConnect’s services and achievements. Mr. Riaz is a public outreach and advocacy professional with nine years of experience in nonprofit and media organizations. He has demonstrated impactful contributions to improve the quality of elections as well as democracy in Pakistan. His academic grounding as a political scientist has provided him the added advantage of steering complex advocacy campaigns to influence policy, legal and regulatory reforms. Harnessing the potential of new technologies, he blends traditional communication tools with more advanced and emerging social media. He also excels in complete advocacy-based project cycle and has significant experience of working with projects funded by USAID, DFID, EU and The Asia Foundation. Saqib started his career as a journalist and has worked with print and electronic media as desk editor and producer in Pakistan. He has a Master’s in Political Science and a Bachelor’s in Journalism from the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.