Sam Willard

B.A. in Psychology & Sociology Candidate @ Forsyth Technical Community College

Sam Willard is a junior at the University of North Carolina, majoring in Sociology and Psychology. As a minority, his personal experiences have fueled his drive to advocate for social and justice reform. Sam's passion for helping others began over a decade ago when he worked as a paramedic, witnessing the struggles faced by diverse individuals. This motivated him to pursue a career in social work, aiming to address systemic issues and make a positive impact on marginalized communities. Aside from his studies, Sam actively volunteers in his local community, dedicating his time to grassroots initiatives that tackle various social issues. He believes in creating lasting change through empathy, understanding, and inclusivity. When he's not engaged in academic pursuits or volunteering, Sam enjoys traveling with his family, exploring different cultures, and broadening his perspectives. With a blend of academic knowledge, personal experiences, and a genuine passion for helping others, Sam Willard is committed to creating a more equitable and compassionate society.