Regina Asamoah

2024 IVLP Impact Award Project: Empowering Boys and Girls in the Fight Against Gender-Based ViolenceGhana

Regina Asamoah is a multiple award-winning Ghanaian journalist and children’s and gender advocate. She is currently the Communications Specialist for Plan International Ghana, a development and humanitarian international non-governmental organization that promotes the rights of children and young people, especially girls. She is also the Founder of Missing Children Ghana, an initiative that has successfully reunited nearly 300 children and adults with their families as of May 2024.

Regina has played a pivotal role in shaping and implementing policy-making projects focused on gender activism and child protection. Her journalistic endeavors have resulted in justice for several defiled girls, and her reports have facilitated their return to school through sponsorship. Her experience includes work as a Broadcast Journalist, News Editor, Content Strategist and Communications Specialist. She received the prestigious Ghana Journalists Association Best Female Journalist award in 2019. 

Regina is a documentary filmmaker whose groundbreaking documentaries have significantly impacted lives and contributed to policy changes. She earned the title of “Champion of Change on Gender-Based Violence” from the U.S. Embassy Ghana, a testament to her tireless efforts in addressing critical societal issues. She has facilitated high-level discussions on critical topics for the U.S. Embassy Ghana Media Literacy Project, the Shifting the Blame Series, and the 2019 National Dialogue on Sexual Violence and Assault against Boys and Girls organized by Plan International Ghana and its implementing partners. Regina holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a Diploma in Communication Studies and a master's degree in development communication from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, where she finished as the Best Graduating Student with Distinction.

IVLP Impact Award Project: Empowering Boys and Girls in the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

The project empowers young boys and girls to become champions of change in the fight against gender-based violence (GBV). It instills in young minds the necessary skills and awareness to prevent GBV, recognize its signs, and provide vital support to survivors. By fostering a sense of responsibility and solidarity, the project will create a generation of youth who are not just bystanders, but active agents of change in ending GBV in schools.

Targeted activities will engage 100 school children across two schools in educational sessions designed to equip them with the knowledge and tools to combat GBV. These sessions will be supplemented by a dynamic workshop involving 10 teachers, empowering them to effectively address GBV issues within their classrooms and school communities. A training manual will be developed for the teachers, which will subsequently serve as part of project sustainability. Two compelling 5-minute documentaries will be produced, amplifying the voices of young individuals and teachers who are committed to stopping GBV in schools. Participants will emerge as informed advocates, armed with the knowledge and resources to tackle GBV head-on, equipped to effect tangible change within their schools and communities.

“My IVLP Impact Award Project will stand as a beacon of hope in the ongoing struggle against GBV. Together, we can cultivate a future where every individual can live free from fear and oppression.” - Regina Asamoah

IVLP Exchange Experience 

Regina participated in the IVLP Project Ending Gender-Based Violence, organized by the U.S. Department of State in partnership with Cleveland Council on World Affairs, Global Ties Akron, and Gulf Coast Diplomacy.

Regina's exchange experience led to the development of her project: “My journey through the IVLP provided me with a profound understanding of the pivotal role that engaging men and boys plays in combating GBV, as demonstrated by Equimundo: Center for Masculinities and Social Justice in Washington, DC. Through enlightening sessions... I gleaned practical strategies for promoting healthy masculinity and femininity, essential for fostering a culture of respect and equality. Recognizing the urgent need to involve youth in this discourse, I was inspired to focus on educating young boys and girls in schools about GBV prevention and intervention. Drawing upon the rich resources shared by Equimundo, particularly during the 2023 Global observance of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, I am equipped with comprehensive materials to guide our educational sessions.”

U.S. Communities Visited

Boulder, CO; Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO; Washington, DC; Louisville KY; Manchester, NH

Country: Ghana

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