Patricia "Patty" Reid

B.A. in Political Science Candidate @ Ohlone Community College

Patricia "Patty" Reid is currently pursuing my education at Ohlone College in Fremont, CA. She is passionate about political science and has been actively engaged in her studies. As part of my academic journey, she has had the incredible opportunity to be a cross-enrollment student at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. This experience has prepared her for her upcoming transfer to a university, where she plans to major in Legal Studies and minor in International Relations and/or Public Policy. Her ultimate goal is to attend law school and specialize in international relations, focusing on cybersecurity and data privacy law. She is drawn to the idea of working as a diplomat or a privacy officer in diplomatic missions, ensuring compliance with privacy laws. She is eager to contribute to international legal counsel, offering her expertise in drafting policies, providing legal advice, and participating in negotiations. Additionally, she sees herself as thriving in roles such as a cyber policy specialist, legal advisor to diplomatic missions, or even a cybersecurity attaché. The prospect of working in international affairs truly excites her.

Outside of academics and career aspirations, she finds immense joy in volunteering at her local community church, Saint Francis of Assisi Church. One of her favorite activities is assisting with food delivery boxes to families in need, especially during the holiday season. It not only allows her to make a positive impact but also gives her a sense of connection and community.

Languages have always fascinated her, and she continuously strives to expand her linguistic repertoire. Currently, she is studying American Sign Language, Arabic, and French, and also working on improving her Spanish skills. Learning different languages exposes her to new cultures and enables her to communicate with diverse communities.

She consdiers herself to be a driven and creative individual with a passion for political science, law, diplomacy, languages, and technology. Her ultimate ambition is to work as a legal professional in the fields of diplomacy, international relations, cybersecurity, and data privacy. She values community, connection, and support, and actively engages in volunteering and language learning to broaden her horizons. She looks forward to the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead in her academic and professional journey.