Olemis Lang

Founder @ Cuban Tech GroupCuba

YLAI Professional Fellows Program, Class of 2016

Olemis Lang graduated from ISPJAE in 2005 with a BSc degree in Informatics and Systems Engineering. For over ten years he worked for companies in 13 countries on projects related to antivirus software, professional simulators, embedded systems, web and mobile apps, automation of power distribution substations, and 3D printing. He has collaborated with the Apache Bloodhound project since 2011 and is an active member of the Python Cuba Workgroup of the Python Software Foundation. He founded the Cuban Tech Group, a non-profit providing a foundation for open, collaborative technology development as well as education, outreach, and legal services for Cuban entrepreneurs. Olemis is the co-organizer of Encuentros Sociales de Desarrolladores, the main gathering of developers and entrepreneurs in Havana, Cuba, and is the Chair of forthcoming SciPyLA 2017 conference.