Miracle Gatling

B.A. in Anthropology Candidate @ Jefferson State College

Miracle Gatling is a recent graduate of Jefferson State Community College, where she achieved her Associate of Science degree in Anthropology. Miracle, as an aspiring anthropologist and global citizen, aims to promote the integration of anthropological methods into the realm of international affairs. She has acquired a global education through various programs, including the Global Institute of Ireland, a virtual summer program designed to prepare participants for the global workforce. Miracle is also an alumna of the Global Columbia Collaboratory at Columbia University, a 10-week program that enhanced her cultural competency, expanded her global network, and enabled her to make a lasting impact through a funding project for the NGO Litro de Luz. Miracle's commitment to advocacy is evident through her active involvement in her community. Since 2018, she has dedicated her time to planning and facilitating activities for the annual Festival in the Forest, a collaborative event between the USDA Tuskegee National Forest and Tuskegee University. This event celebrates Public Lands Day and showcases the natural resources and cultural diversity of the Tuskegee community. Additionally, Miracle has been a member of her college's Freedom Group for the past year. This student initiative focuses on raising awareness about the pervasive issue of human trafficking in their local streets and industries. Miracle's unwavering passion for safeguarding human rights and upholding her social responsibility as a global citizen serves as a constant source of inspiration, propelling her to further dedicate herself to serving the world.