Mary O’Connor

Mary O’Connor recently formed a consulting service to provide clients with short term assistance in implementing effective community relations and fundraising activities in the Washington, D.C. area and on a national basis. From 2005-2011 she served as Director of Outreach for the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress and was responsible for promoting the Center’s programs and events by providing opportunities for local and national exposure, funding resources and board development, including the Center’s Annual Awards Dinner.

She is a recognized leader in the non-profit, corporate and political arenas. Her professional accomplishments have been recognized with awards such as the Thomas Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service, WXIA-TV Atlanta Community Service Award and the YWCA of Greater Atlanta Academy of Women Achievers. Her professional credentials in fundraising include her service as Vice President of the Atlanta Chapter, National Society of Fundraising Executives. She was appointed by the Olympic Council of Ireland to serve as their Attaché for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Mary served as President of the nationally recognized Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation (ARCS Foundation), a nonprofit foundation of more than 1600 women in 17 metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. Since its inception in Los Angeles in 1958, the organization has awarded over $83million to 14,000 students in areas of science, engineering and medical research. Prior to serving as the first East Coast National President, Mary was the Founder and First President of the ARCS Atlanta Chapter from 1992-1994.

While living in Atlanta, Ms. O’Connor founded Mary B. O’Connor and Associates, a community relations consulting firm that provided clients with a structured contributions strategy and targeted leadership roles in communities in the Southeast. She is a graduate of Trinity University, Washington, D.C.