Madiha Iqbal

B.A. in Political Science Candidate @ LaGuardia Community College

I was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, where my parents did not allow me to pursue an education or career. Despite their restrictions, I stood up for myself and gained access to education. However, after getting married to an abusive partner, my dream of finishing my education became more complicated. Nonetheless, I persevered and made the decision to move to America. The transition to American culture was challenging, but I slowly learned and adapted to my new surroundings. Unfortunately, due to my abusive marriage, I was still unable to fully spread my wings. It wasn't until I decided to stand up against the abuse that I was able to truly begin my educational journey in America. My journey was not without its hardships. The language and cultural differences made it challenging to achieve my goals. But through self-motivation and determination, I succeeded in finding a platform to further my education and professional development. LaGuardia Community College provided me with opportunities to explore and expand my skill set. I got hire by Peer advisor academy where I learn how to help students in their academic journey. I became a representative for the Business and Technology Department and Governor of Public Relations in the Student Government Association. I also served as an Ambassador for the President's Society, which allowed me to learn about American culture, professional representation and communication techniques