Lyubov Rakovitsa

2022 IVLP Impact Award Project: “ Devoted”- The Documentary Series About the Russian War Against Ukraine ImpactUkraine

Lyubov Rakovitsa studied at Mariupol State University. In 2021, she became head of the NGO, Donetsk Institute of Information, where she is responsible for general management of the organization, strategic planning, and supervision of project implementation. At Donetsk Institute of Information, she has also served as a project manager and fundraiser. Lyubov has also been a speaker for the Donbas Media Forum, Forum on Constructive Journalism and Online School for Independent Media of the DM.

IVLP Impact Award Project: “Devoted”- The Documentary Series About the Russian War Against Ukraine Impact

The goal of the project was to show the world the face of war by telling several stories of divided families in the form of a documentary video. Two 15-minute documentary video stories with English subtitles were created to reach a wider audience. The documentary was shot in various regions of Ukraine and EU countries. In-depth interviews with the heroes, live shooting, and personal archives of the heroes were all used in the project. The project's goal was to help Ukrainian families by making their problems visible and heard. Furthermore, the project demonstrated the breadth of war's long-term impact on Ukrainian society. To watch the Devoted docuseries, please visit: I barely escaped from occupation - Irina's family was divided by war (Eng Subtl) - YouTube  and My family is scattered around the world. The story of Irina from Mariupol (Engl Subtl) - YouTube

"I can say that the film turned out to be sincere and truthful. I looked at the heroine, sympathized with her and found her very strong. And it is very interesting, because the understanding that this heroine is me, that I am a HEROINE, would not have come without watching." - Devoted Docuseries Interviewee

IVLP Exchange Experience

Lyubov was a participant in the IVLP Project Advocacy of Democratic Principles, organized by the U.S. Department of State and Cultural Vistas.

Lyubov's exchange experience led to the development of her IVLP Impact Award Project: "I appreciate the opportunity to meet professionals from the USA. I’m very grateful for the support of Ukraine and active Ukrainians, which takes place within the program. During a war, this becomes especially important, because it proves to us the faith of the United States in Ukraine's future."

U.S. Communities Visited

Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Santa Fe, NM; Austin, TX

Country: Ukraine

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