Kristine Sargsyan

Board Member @ Profesionals for Civil Society NGO

AREAS OF INTEREST: Social Issues – Professionals for Civil Society NGO developed the draft Law on Volunteer Activities of Armenia in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues of Armenia and promotes volunteerism in the country.

Kristine has been working in NGO development for many years as an Organizational Development specialist and has supported PFCS on a volunteer basis by taking the lead role in OD improvement and refining the strategy and programs. She has translated over 50 TED talks in addition to attending the 2011 TED Global Conference. Kristine has become an organizer for TED, helping bring events to Armenia, and has created a new initiative to provide translated TED talks to Armenian schools. Kristine believes that making the information exchanged via TED programs available to school age children can help kids have a “can do” attitude from a young age.