Julie Pascoet

Policy Officer @ European Network Against Racism (ENAR)Belgium
Julie Pascoet
Julie Pascoet

Policy Officer, European Network Against Racism (ENAR)

Julie’s work addresses the impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women. Her Meridian Social Innovation Fellowship project Mouwatinat, Citoyennes de ma Ville, or "Citizens of my City" will build a network for Muslim, immigrant, and other marginalized women to empower their participation and encourage greater societal integration. Julie discusses her plans for the Fellowship here.

Project Summary

Mouwatinat, Citoyennes de ma Ville, which translates to “citizens of my city,” aims to provide a space for the emancipation of Muslim women, including women from immigrant backgrounds, in Verviers, Brussels. Mouwatinat will advocate for the inclusion of this community of women in society at large and for their empowerment to play larger, positive roles in their families and neighborhoods. Mouwatinat seeks to increase social and economic independence, amplify voices in schools and local communities, improve status perceptions, and counter stereotypes that hinder progress. This project will also serve as a community through which its members may develop strong and diverse senses of cultural, ethnic and religious identity.


This project will aim to move beyond a paternalistic approach when it comes to the inclusion of Muslim women (including immigrants) in society. We aim to fill in the gaps that exist in Verviers, and especially in the marginalized area of Hodimont, when it comes to the inclusion of Muslim women.


The events of the fall have had direct impact on Julie’s project, providing focus for the 7 women who are now in her network. Aside from the attack in Paris, Julie’s community of Verviers has welcomed 30 refugees from Syria and Palestine. They have mobilized 100 volunteers to help with interpretation and children’s homework; set up a warehouse to distribute donations of furniture, clothing and more to refugee families; and aligned with like-minded organizations to anticipate future needs as numbers of incoming refugees. Next, Julie’s focus will be to continue advocacy of local politicians and empower her community to get more active in city council meetings.