Jennel Fraser

Director @ College Mania Tv Ltd.Trinidad and Tobago

YLAI Professional Fellows Program, Class of 2016

Jennel Fraser is one of the Directors of College Mania Tv Ltd. along with Kerron Brown. College Mania Tv Ltd. started in 2011, and the aim of company is to develop a regional brand that is relatable to students as well as young adults, highlighting and showcasing their views on pertinent issues. College Mania Tv has successfully produced two seasons, and Jennel is currently producing the third season of the television series. In January 2016 the company launched an anti-bullying initiative created to develop a forum for young people to be able to speak out against bullying and suggest solutions for crime, violence, abuse, bullying, and racial discrimination. Jennel Fraser is seeking a degree in Behavioral Science at the University of the Southern Caribbean.