Javier Garcia Rodrigo

Lead @ Strategic Innovation PolicySpain
Javier Garcia Rodrigo
Javier Garcia Rodrigo

Lead, Strategic Innovation Policy, Telefonica Innovation/Leader for Strategy, Communications and Partnership, JuntoSalimos.org

JuntoSalimos is an online resource for aspiring entrepreneurs. Via his Meridian Social Innovation Fellowship, Javier aims to grow and democratize access to the platform by exploring public private partnerships. Javier also serves as an Expert Member of Horizon 2020, the EU campaign to support economic recovery. Listen to Javier explain his ideas for expanding JuntoSalimos here.

Project Summary

Spanish social startup JuntoSalimos is a philanthropic venture that aims to help entrepreneurs from Spain and Latin America bridge their knowledge and network gaps. The organization’s online platform, juntosalimos.org, serves as an open and free space for early-stage entrepreneurs and experienced advisors to connect and share ideas. With the larger goal of contributing to economic growth and social development, JuntoSalimos democratizes access to professional support, advice, and networking opportunities.


To become the reference worldwide platform helping early-stage entrepreneurs to overcome their problems, doubts and insecurities, while assisting them to test their hypotheses and create professional connections.


Javier's online platform for aspiring entrepreneurs now boasts 6 partnerships – 5 in Latin America (Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru) and 1 with U.S. Embassy, Madrid, which officially launched in December to connect 50 Spanish entrepreneurs and advisors. In total, JuntoSalimos now serves 160 startups, engages 900 Advisors worldwide, and has users accessing the platform from 12 countries. Javi successfully raised $10,000 in 2015 and is on track to triple that in 2016. This year, JuntoSalimos will deliver 10 innovation workshops and aims to improve the on-line experience for both users and partners. Although the business model of the project is now philanthropic, Javier's final target is to make it sustainable and, in the long run, to transition to a not-for-profit model. Public-private partnerships have to continue to be built through strategic alliances with key organizations around the entrepreneurship ecosystem.