Jasmin Guiuo-Diaz

2024 IVLP Impact Award Project: Empowering Community Leaders to Combat Online Sexual Abuse or Exploitation of Children (OSAEC) and Trafficking in Persons (TIP)Philippines

Jasmin Guiuo-Diaz is an Assistant City Prosecutor at the Office of the City Prosecutor-Iligan. She brings decades of experience to her role, particularly in the Family Court. She is a member of the Regional Anti-Trafficking Task Force X (RATTF X), and an alumna of International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) programs.  Jasmin specializes in areas such as Anti-Online Sexual Abuse of Exploitation of Children (OSAEC) cases and human trafficking. Jasmin is known for her compassionate approach towards victims and unwavering pursuit of justice. Beyond her professional achievements, she cherishes her roles as a devoted mother, wife, and daughter, drawing strength from her family to tackle the challenges of her legal career. Her dedication serves as a beacon of inspiration, particularly in her efforts to create a more just and equitable society, especially for children.

IVLP Impact Award Project: Empowering Community Leaders to Combat Online Sexual Abuse or Exploitation of Children (OSAEC) and Trafficking in Persons (TIP)

The project is a two-day training workshop designed to forge a spirit of collaborative networking among 44 barangay chair and youth leaders, social workers and law enforcers of Iligan City. Through interactive sessions, scenario-based training, structured learning experience and psychosocial support care exercises, participants will gain a profound understanding of activities from rescue to restoration. Empowered leaders will serve as catalysts for broader change, taking active roles in engaging their constituents through advocacy campaigns and community mobilizations, thereby strengthening community participation and ownership for self-reliance.

 “Ultimately, this project's success lies in its ability to empower leaders and survivors to seek help, access resources, and rebuild their lives with dignity and integrity. By empowering them, they become advocates for change within their own communities, inspiring others and breaking the cycle of abuse. Thus, this project is not only an investment in the well-being of local leaders and survivors in the community but also a step towards creating a safer, more just society where human rights are upheld, and all individuals can live free from violence and exploitation.” - Jasmin Guiuo-Diaz

IVLP Exchange Experience   

Jasmin participated in the IVLP Project Building a Coordinated Societal Response to Counter Online Sexual Exploitation of Children organized by the U.S. Department of State and CRDF Global, in partnership with World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana, World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, WorldBoston and WorldDenver.

Jasmin’s exchange experience led to the development of her IVLP Impact Award project: “My engagement with the Colorado Human Trafficking Council struck me with the worth and value of the role of local government units in combatting OSAEC/TIP and in providing needed support and appropriate intervention to survivors."

Building the capacity of the local community through their leaders and service providers empowers them to take proactive action as together we craft a symphony of hope and justice, resonating through the passion and shared goals that connect us.” - Jasmin Guiuo-Diaz

U.S. Communities Visited   

Denver, CO; Washington, DC; Louisville, KY; Boston, MA; Manchester, NH

Country: Philippines

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