Emma Finkelstein

Chief of Staff to the Executive Offices @ Meridian

As chief of staff to the Executive Offices, Emma handles a wide range of assignments. She schedules for the Executive Offices, handles print and broadcast media for the CEO, assists with grant writing and development, and lends a hand to Meridian’s many public programs. Before joining Meridian, Emma held internships with the Environmental Protection Agency, Women without Borders, and the Truman National Security Project.

Emma graduated cum laude from Davidson College in North Carolina with a BA in Political Science. In pursuing this degree, she studied abroad in Seville, Spain and participated in a four year leadership development program. During her time at Davidson, she was a co-chair of the Women’s Leadership Conference and Vice President of Rusk Eating House. An avid basketball lover, Emma played intermurals in college and hopes to find a recreational league here in Washington. Emma moved to DC in June 2014 after having grown up in Tucson, Arizona with a big brother and big dogs.