Emil Rodriguez

Co-Founder @ XolutronicDominican Republic

YLAI Professional Fellows Program, Class of 2016

Emil Rodriguez is a tech entrepreneur and the co-founder of Xolutronic, an engineering firm that specializes in electronic product engineering and design services. Traditionally the company has offered research, product design, and development services to customers, and it recently started developing its own product line focused on solving global problems. In 2015, Emil led the team as it launched a crowdfunding campaign on the popular U.S. platform, Kickstarter. They raised over $100,000 to get their product PASSFORT to the market. PASSFORT is an electronic device that allows you to store unique and secure passwords for all digital accounts. By using USB/Bluetooth connectivity, PASSFORT users do not need to remember passwords. Mr. Rodriguez earned an engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunications in 2007 from UNAPEC in the Dominican Republic.