Efraín Orozco González

Co-Founder @ Ubicuo TechMexico

YLAI Professional Fellows Program, Class of 2016

Efraín Orozco González is co-founder of Ubicuo Tech, a Mexican company focused on the development of technology platforms that allow societal participation in competitiveness and consumer services optimization. Gazú, its first app, was launched in summer 2016. Gazú is a conscious consumption tool that allows the user to assess, share, and comment on the reliability level, social and environmental responsibility, and service quality at Mexican gas stations. He was recognized as a social entrepreneur in 2014 for a project called WIXABIKLA as part of his co-founded NGO (ARSA, Social - Environmental Regeneration Agency), which solved mobility issues in indigenous wixaritari communities by using bicycles, installing mechanical workshops, and providing trainings. Efraín holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from the ITESO University in Guadalajara, where he is now a teacher.