Davit Margaryan

2024 IVLP Impact Award Project: NGO Excellence ExchangeArmenia

Davit Margaryan is the CEO and co-founder of the School of Local Democracy educational foundation. He has been a member of the Communities Finance Officers Association Board since 2012. Davit holds significant expertise in systemic reforms of local self-government, citizen participation in decision making processes at local level, local democracy and governance, local economic development, and administrative territorial reforms. He has conducted comprehensive research, drafted regulations and other legislative acts, organized community development programs, provided specialized consultations to local self-government entities, and developed training modules within those fields of expertise. He collaborated as an independent expert in numerous local self-government projects implemented by international donor organizations such as USAID, Council of Europe, UNDP, GIZ, EU, UNICEF, World Vision, and others.

Davit holds a Master’s degree in State and Municipal Administration (2008) and a Ph.D. in Public Administration and Local Self-Government (2011).  Since 2016, he has been a co-author of the annual report series “Local Self-government in Armenia” and “Local Governance Annual Index.”

IVLP Impact Award Project: NGO Excellence Exchange

The project enhances the effectiveness of Armenian civil society organizations (CSOs) by sharing best practices from US NGO management. Through a two-day seminar featuring top financial-accounting specialists and experienced NGO leaders, the project will empower grassroots leaders and strengthen organizational capacities. This initiative will bring together approximately 25 representatives from across Armenia and foster collaboration, innovation, and sustainability within the NGO sector.

"With the IVLP Impact Award, I hope to empower grassroots leaders across Armenia by sharing best practices in NGO management, fostering a collaborative and innovative civil society that drives sustainable development and impactful community change.” – Davit Margaryan

IVLP Exchange Experience 

Davit participated in the IVLP Project NGO Management I, organized by the U.S. Department of State and World Learning, in partnership with Global Minnesota, Cleveland Council on World Affairs, World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, International Institute of Wisconsin, and the New York Program Branch.

Davit’s exchange experience led to the development of his project: “Our meeting with the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee left a profound and positive impression on me, illustrating how collective efforts around a shared vision can trigger large-scale changes.”

U.S. Communities Visited

Washington, DC; Minneapolis, MN; New York City, NY; Cleveland, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Milwaukee, WI

“The insights learned from these encounters…will serve as an inspiration and motivation for the CSOs involved in the [School of Local Democracy] network. We will present the invaluable experiences and impact of these organizations within their communities, offering comprehensive insights for our participants’ benefit.” – Davit Margaryan

Country: Armenia

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