Daniel Mejia

B.A. in Aerospace Engineering Candidate @ Santa Monica College

Daniel Mejia is an astrophysics major at Santa Monica College in Southern California and a Recreation/Soccer Instructor with the City of Los Angeles. He aims to transfer to UC Santa Cruz and leverage astrophysics to forge a career in nuclear fusion technology combined with science diplomacy. His passion for astronomy and the cosmos was ignited in him by his father and taught him the value of learning and knowledge of everything and everyone around him. He aspires to obtain his Master's in stellar astronomy and contribute to the future of society through his work and research of the cosmos. He is involved in the STEM, Adelante, Astronomy, and Men of Color Action Network (MOCAN) at Santa Monica College and whilst away from academia; Daniel Mejia is a Recreation Instructor for the City of Los Angeles within the Department of Receation and Parks. He has been playing competitive football (soccer) since he was 3 years old and found the beauty and lessons that football provide for people and especially young people. Furthermore, he has a fair work history with customer service and relations, construction, fast food, sales, coaching, score keeping, and refereeing. He has published two books, one of them available for purchase on amazon, he was awarded both gold and silver presidential awards along with being presented the Seal of Biliteratacy. From these experiences and achievements along the way, Daniel Mejia has learned the value of knowledge, seeking it out, and sharing it with others.