Combiz Richard Abdolrahimi

Vice President - Global Head of Government Relations & Public Policy @ ServiceNow


Combiz Abdolrahimi is Vice President and the Global Head of Government Relations & Public Policy at ServiceNow – the company with the fastest organic growth in the history of enterprise software. He has served as a national security lawyer, policymaker, regulator, & chief innovation officer, advising Presidents/Heads of State, Ministers, Congress/Parliaments, & CEOs on technology, strategy, policy, & innovation. He consults with governments, commercial enterprises, sovereign wealth funds, private equity firms, & family offices on new & emerging technologies. He has over 15 years of public & private sector experience helping governments & Fortune 500 firms to run data-driven digital transformation projects, manage multi-billion-dollar budgets, & harness the power of tech to meet their needs. He has scaled tech-powered systems to modernize & secure innovations in energy, trade, banking, smart cities, healthcare, national security, compliance, critical infrastructure, & cyber. He has shaped business, policy, legal, ethical, regulatory, & tech dimensions of AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital assets and infrastructure, payments, IT, procurement & acquisition, cloud, quantum & IoT, 5G/6G, cybersecurity, FinTech/RegTech, & digital connectivity.

Combiz serves on multiple boards including the OECD, WEF, UN, Middle East Policy Council, & CFR, is a globally recognized innovation advisor who speaks to audiences worldwide & is the recipient of many awards including the Fed 100 (recognizing the top 100 executives in government) & the World Economic Forum Agile 50 (recognizing the world’s 50 most influential people driving innovation in gov't, regulation & policy).

Combiz has deep relationships with leaders in the U.S., Europe, Asia, & the Middle East, & globally, building partnerships, accelerating contracts, winning deals of multi-billion-dollar contracts, & leading to increased growth & investment opportunities. He regularly engages with policymakers, regulators, NGOs, investors, standard-setters, professional associations, think tanks, and the public at large on key policy questions.

Born in Texas, the son of immigrants, Combiz’s first job was working the cash register for his family’s small business—at the age of 12. He is a graduate of UCLA; American University of Beirut; & Georgetown Law, receiving his B.A., J.D. & LL.M. Combiz speaks several languages, such as Persian, Azerbaijani, Arabic, Turkish, & Spanish, & holds an active security clearance.