Bibi la Luz Gonzalez

Founder & Director @ Eat Better Wa'ikGuatemala

YLAI Professional Fellows Program, Class of 2016

Bibi la Luz Gonzalez has lived abroad for half of her life, which has enabled her to learn from different cultures and bring back valuable lessons to her home country. With an academic background in international political economy and development, she focuses on food security, migration, and democracy. Eat Better Wa'ik is a non-profit that creates food awareness on malnutrition. It focuses on education, access to food, budget, tastes, and adequate food intake. The organization’s goal is to involve individuals at an early stage to radically change common misconceptions about food, specifically in urban areas. She first noticed the great misconception about food while working as IDB/MIF Project Coordinator in an NGO promoting women's empowerment. Bibi la is a positive and enthusiastic multilingual Global Shaper, One Young World Ambassador, World Merit Guatemala Office Representative, and Merit360 SDG2 Executor.