Alfredo Mattos Serrano

2023 IVLP Impact Award Project: Building Financial Independence Together: Tools and Strategies for Women to Take Control of Their FinancesArgentina

Alfredo Mattos Serrano is a political strategist and junior consultant in political and government communication. Alfredo holds a Juris Doctorate and a Master's in Business Administration. He holds postgraduate degrees in Political Communication and Data, speaks five languages ​​and is on track for certification as a Coach of Leaders. He was selected by the Consejo Federal de Inversiones for the consultant training program called Development Management Program and was awarded a prize. He has previously worked as a consultant for Organization of American States promoting employment in Corrientes and other local government agencies.

He has participated in over 30 electoral, university, internal party, legislative and executive campaigns in Argentina and Paraguay and supported different municipalities in government communication, working on strategic planning, training government teams, youth communication, city branding and tourism branding. In 2009, he co-founded OAJNU Corrientes and currently chairs the Integrarnos Foundation, which is dedicated to strengthening local governments. He participated in the Erasmus+ program of the European Union four times, where he was able to train in Latin America, Europe and Turkey on different issues related to development and youth. Alfredo defines himself as an activist. 

IVLP Impact Award Project: Building Financial Independence Together: Tools and Strategies for Women to Take Control of Their Finances

The project trained 230 women in personal finance and created a network of women, businesses, NGOs, and officials to combat gender-based violence. The program provided financial education through a series of talks to help participants regain their financial independence and build a solid financial foundation for their future. Participants learned about the concepts of planning, income, savings, debt, expenses, and investment. They also spoke with staff from the Banco de Corrientes about investment and savings options. Additionally, volunteers and representatives from allied organizations discussed women's rights and gender-based violence. The project created public-private partnerships to work on preventing gender violence and educating women on personal finance and involved the Banco de Corrientes, two universities, two municipalities, and two NGOs to provide resources and information to participants. Due to the project’s success, Alfredo is working with the Banco de Corrientes to continue and expand the project.

"This course has helped me in my business and my finances. I learned to organize my income correctly and keep track of my monthly expenses. This talk has had an impact on all aspects of my finances. I feel that I can control my expenses [and] my income…I hope that this course continues and that they teach us how we can invest in a greater variety of things." - Project Participant

IVLP Exchange Experience 

Alfredo was a participant in the IVLP Project Addressing the Needs of Underserved and At-Risk Youth, organized by the U.S. Department of State and the Institute of International Education.

Alfredo's exchange experience led to the development of his IVLP Impact Award Project: "I plan to leverage the leadership development and empowerment strategies demonstrated by PEARLS for Teen Girls and Pretty in Pink to develop my project on financial education for women."

U.S. Communities Visited

Los Angeles, CA; San Diego, CA; Washington, DC; Pensacola, FL; Milwaukee, WI

"Overall, my IVLP experience has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and connections that I can leverage to develop a comprehensive and effective program to promote financial education and independence among women in Corrientes, Argentina." - Alfredo Mattos Serrano

Country: Argentina 

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