MEDIA ADVISORY: Meridian Diplomacy Forum On The Evolving Frontiers: Ocean, Arctic And Space – Tuesday April 12

WHEN: Tuesday, April 12, 2022 | Sessions from 1:00 – 5:30 PM ET; Career Networking Reception from 5:30 – 7:00 PM ET

WHERE: Meridian International Center with a virtual livestream (details here)


October 12, 2021

April 1, 2022 – The Meridian Diplomacy Forum - Statecraft in the Evolving Frontiers: Ocean, Arctic and Space aims to advance the analysis of modern and future diplomacy by exploring diplomacy in areas of limited sovereignty – the Arctic, the high seas and outer space.

Historically, these are areas where we have seen great collaboration and partnerships with countries like Russia; however, recent developments have altered this landscape.

CEO of Meridian, Ambassador Stuart Holliday, stated, "As we continue to see diplomatic threats and changes to the world’s global order, the transboundary areas of ocean, Arctic and space require increased precision and defined diplomacy. It is pivotal that the U.S. and our partners collaborate to ensure we are working with a common set of norms for the security and prosperity of all nations.”

Keynotes feature leaders including Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, who will highlight the role of diplomacy alongside security and defense in outer space, the Arctic and the high seas, especially in light of current geopolitical events. The importance of robust international cooperation and strong public partnerships will be addressed and there will be an opportunity for audience questions.

Sessions will cover how nations are employing maritime or “blue” diplomacy to tackle issues from pollution and overfishing to piracy and shipping constraints. It will also explore the state of U.S. maritime leadership, while detailing the responsibilities of the State Department and other agencies regarding oceanic security, boundaries, and scientific research. Wall Street Journal National Security Editor Sharon Weinberger will moderate the conversation that will include Ambassador John Negroponte, Vice Chair of McLarty Associates, and J.R. Littlejohn, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs and His Excellency Lazarus O. Amayo, Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya to the U.S.

Ambassador Paula Dobriansky, Her Excellency Anniken Krutnes, Ambassador of Norway to the U.S., Lisa Koperqualuk, Vice President of International Affairs at Inuit Circumpolar Council - Canada and Jim DeHart, U.S. Coordinator for the Arctic Region will explore arctic diplomacy and how the U.S. Arctic Policy can balance the Biden administration’s increasing environmental and anti-climate change agenda on one hand with important security and economic interests on the other. The status of the Arctic Council with Russia currently serving as Chair will also be addressed.

Space diplomacy conversations will discuss how sustained international cooperation and harmony in space has led to scientific and technological breakthroughs, while also addressing the increased potential for future conflict as nation-states develop an array of counterspace weapons and increased traffic may lead to collision with satellites and harmful space debris. 12th NASA Administrator Major General Charles F. Bolden Jr., USMC (Ret.), Audrey Schaffer, Director for Space Policy, National Security Council (Invited) and Dr. Benjamin L. Schmitt, Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Project Development Scientist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and Rethinking Diplomacy Program Fellow, Duke University will address the call for U.S. leadership to work with other nations to modernize the global governance system for space to maintain peace and comradery, while fostering an environment supportive of commercialization and private sector innovation.

Building on these critical discussions, private and public sector professionals will connect with students of diplomacy and the next generation of international affairs practitioners through an in-person networking fair, to take place immediately following the Forum, which aims to advance Meridian's efforts to cultivate the next generation of diplomats who reflect America's diversity as part of the DiplomacyRISE initiative.

As diplomacy evolves, Meridian is helping shape its future. Learn more about Meridian’s diplomacy work here. For questions about the 2022 Diplomacy Forum or our DiplomacyRISE initiative, please contact Meridian Digital Marketing Manager Danielle Najjar at

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