Meridian spotlights the next generation of Black diplomatic leaders

With the increased exposure of deep-rooted inequities in our society, there has been a universal call for greater equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace – and the American diplomatic corps is no exception. 

The United States is at an inflection point on the global stage and diplomacy has never been more important than now to revitalize our standing in the world. But to do this, the American diplomatic community must reflect the diversity of our country – our backgrounds, our beliefs and our values. It not only matters from a representation lens but diversity of perspectives shared along people from varied backgrounds leads to better policies. 

In celebration of Black History, Meridian International Center is spotlighting Black diplomatic leadership and amplifying the next generation of Black voices representing the U.S. on the international stage. For a look into the important work and contributions of former Black diplomats from the 1800s to the 21st century, check out our 2021 Black History blog series. 

There are hundreds of bright spots on the horizon and this list only touches on a micro-percentage of the diplomatic field. The 10 diplomats and diplomacy practitioners featured in our list give everyone reason to believe that the future of American diplomacy looks like the rest of America. Selection is based on excellence and leadership; current work in diplomacy or global affairs; and contributions to issues of expertise through thought leadership. 

Through the Meridian Center for Diplomatic Engagement we look forward to continuing our work with the current diplomatic community and creating pipelines for the next generation of diplomacy leaders. With more than 60 years of close relationships with the diplomatic corps, Meridian is uniquely positioned to convene dialogues among leaders across borders, parties, and industries to achieve consensus and sustainable, mutually-beneficial solutions. 



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