Diplocraft: Midterm Elections Debrief at Meridian with Punchbowl News

November 16, 2022

The Meridian Center for Diplomatic Engagement is pleased to host the event in our Diplocraft Series: A Midterm Elections Debrief at Meridian with Punchbowl News. 

Following the November 8 midterm elections, Meridian will bring together Anna Palmer, Founder and CEO of Punchbowl News and Phillip J. Morris, Partner at Locust Street Group, for a conversation about the impacts of the elections on politics in Washington and across the country. Their conclusions will be drawn from Punchbowl’s anonymous survey of senior Capitol Hill aides and K Street, The Canvass. Foreign diplomats, private sector representatives, and policy influencers alike will have an opportunity to explore how key issues will be impacted by the results, as well as what the election results may predict for the future of the political parties themselves.  

Punchbowl News is a membership-based news community based out of Washington, D.C., with a relentless focus on power, people and politics. Over the last two years, Punchbowl News has provided its readers with incisive and timely insights about what the top aides and principals think on critical issues through The Canvass. The Canvass is powered by Locust Street Group, an independent polling firm. 

If you have any questions, or would like to attend, please reach out to mcde@meridian.org.