U.S-China Healthcare Public-Private Partnership Roundtable 2013

As part of the USTDA-sponsored China Executive Healthcare Leadership Training Program, this roundtable provided an opportunity for U.S. companies to connect with key decision-makers and learn about the latest developments and project opportunities in China’s Healthcare sector. The overall program, which ran from December 1-20, consisted of a delegation of 25 officials from the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the People’s Republic of China. This training program sought to familiarize delegates with U.S. policies and technologies, standards, and industry best practices to meet China’s development and modernization needs.

The China Senior Healthcare Leadership Training Program was organized by Meridian in collaboration with the US-China Healthcare Cooperation Program (HCP), which, in consultation with the American and Chinese governments, seeks to build closer working relations while leveraging healthcare industry strengths in public health, policy research, training, R&D, and technology, with the ultimate goal of enhancing patients’ access to healthcare services in China.

Project summary

U.S-China Healthcare Public-Private Partnership Roundtable 2013 | December 2013
Number of Visitors: 25
Regions: East Asia and Pacific
Countries: China
Impact Areas: Business and Trade, Global Health
Program Areas: Global Leadership, Diplomatic Engagement
Partners: Public Sector