Vladimir Zivojinovic

2023 IVLP Impact Award Project: Beyond the Margins: A Photographic Exploration of the Bosniak Community in Southwestern SerbiaSerbia

Vladimir Zivojinovic is a renowned documentary photographer from Belgrade, Serbia. He began his photography journey as a volunteer at a daily newspaper in 2015 and later joined the Inland photo collective in 2022, focusing on news, social and humanitarian issues in the Balkans. His work has been published in notable Serbian media outlets like Blic and NIN, as well as international publications such as Vice, Paris Match, BBC and The New York Times. Mr. Zivojinovic has collaborated with organizations like AFP, Getty Images and UNICEF Srbija, documenting global events and humanitarian causes. He has received several awards, including recognition at the Sony World Photography Awards and Serbia Press Photo competitions. Mr. Zivojinovic has also participated in workshops including the After the Image Photobook Workshop in Sarajevo (2019), a workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria by NOOR Agency (2019) and the VII Interactive Workshop on Adapting to Online Publishing (2020). Through his focus on demonstrating pervasive social and humanitarian issues, Mr. Zivojinovic continues to make a significant impact in the world of documentary photography.

IVLP Impact Award Project: Beyond the Margins: A Photographic Exploration of the Bosniak Community in Southwestern Serbia

Vladimir's project was an initiative aimed at shedding light on the minority Bosniak community in southern Serbia, with a focus on documenting their culture and addressing the discrimination they face. Through a two-part photographic series, Vladimir captured the everyday lives of the Bosniak community, showcasing their rich customs, traditions, and culture.

The culmination of the project was an exhibition held at Vojnice Gallery, providing a platform for the wider Serbian society to engage with the Bosniak community's experiences and challenges. With over 150 attendees on opening night and promotion through various media channels, the exhibition sparked meaningful dialogue and raised awareness about the voices of minorities in Serbia.

Vladimir's collaboration with Bosniak organizations and the Islam center, as well as local media outlets like Sandzak TV, facilitated comprehensive research and planning, ensuring the project accurately reflected the community's needs and reached a broad audience. Through photography and collaboration, this project fostered cross-cultural understanding and empathy, making a tangible impact in combating discrimination and promoting inclusivity and understanding.

"The photo project provided a platform for our voices to be heard and our stories to be shared. It was empowering to see our community's heritage celebrated through photography." - Exhibit attendee

IVLP Exchange Experience 

Vladimir was a participant in the IVLP Project A Global Moment in Time: Photojournalists Document the Challenges and Opportunities in the COVID Era, organized by the U.S. Department of State and World Learning.

Vladimir's exchange experience led to the development of his IVLP Impact Award Project: "During my participation in the IVLP program, I gained valuable insights on project approaches, effective communication strategies and research techniques that I intend to apply to my IVLP Impact Award project. Additionally, I formed connections and friendships with fellow journalists who specialize in visual storytelling. These connections proved to be instrumental in providing me with the necessary support and guidance to carry out this project effectively...and to develop the scope of my project beyond photography, to include elements of multimedia such as sound and video."

U.S. Communities Visited

Washington, DC; St. Petersburg, FL; Santa Fe, NM

"The IVLP program...helped me develop a greater appreciation for the diverse perspectives and experiences of people from different backgrounds." - Vladimir Zivojinovic

Country: Serbia

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