Nevzat Ucar

2022 IVLP Impact Award Project: Young Leaders, Young EntrepreneursTürkiye

Nevzat Ucar currently lives between Turkey and the United Kingdom as he runs a localization and test engineering company. Ucar has been involved with several national and international non-governmental organizations in Turkey, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. He has been involved in many international projects funded by the European Union Commission and has also prepared proposals for funds to implement those projects.

IVLP Impact Awards Project: Young Leaders, Young Entrepreneurs

This project aimed to address the lack of entrepreneurship skills among youth, particularly in rural Turkey. The project informed young people about how entrepreneurship can help solve unemployment and that it is their social responsibility to become an entrepreneur. To do so, it equipped them with the necessary skills and abilities to develop, validate and implement social entrepreneurial enterprises.

22 young adults participated in the training and explored practical ways of supporting NGOs while taking legal, financial, management and social requirements into consideration. The training also enhanced the employment opportunities for young people in the community and developed solidarity, promoted tolerance and fostered mutual understanding between people with different backgrounds. 7 distinct social entrepreneurship ideas were improved as a result of the project.

"I have improved my management and leadership skills." - Project Participant

IVLP Exchange Experience

Nevzat was a participant in the IVLP Project Volunteerism and Civil Action, organized by the U.S. Department of State and Meridian International Center.

U.S. Communities Visited Virtually

Sacramento, CA; Denver, CO; Washington, DC; Miami, FL; Orlando, FL; Chicago, IL; Louisville, KY; Boston, MA; Kalamazoo, MI; St. Louis, MO; Kansas City, OK; Tulsa, OK; Corpus Christi, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; Milwaukee, WI

Country: Türkiye

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