Jennifer Shen

B.A. in Political Science Candidate @ Berkeley City College

Jennifer Shen is an incoming junior at the University of California, San Diego that is interested in studying international relations and economics. She is interested in an array of domestic and international issues. As a Bay Area native, in terms of domestic issues, she is interested in addressing poverty and homelessness as they are prevalent and visible issues that hit close to home. As a Chinese-American, she is interested in maintaining peaceful Sino-American relations as she considers both countries to be her home. In preparation for achieving this goal, she has since studied intensively under the Critical Language Scholarship in Mandarin Chinese. Similar to her domestic interests, she is interested in reducing poverty in rural China as it also hits close to home. Her overarching goal is to alleviate the social-economic inequality in the world. Recently, she has gained interest in social issues in South Korea such as gender inequality and the rising issue of hidden cameras. With her plethora of interests and most importantly, her interest in ensuring the well-being of everybody (particularly those less advantaged), she is open to helping out wherever she can. When she is not busy studying different languages and reading about the different issues in the world, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.