Eddie Michel Edem Atikleme

2022 IVLP Impact Award Project: Training City Hall Officials on Cybersecurity Issues and Cyberattack ProtectionTogo

Atikleme Eddie Michel Edem is a graduate of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Catholic University of West Africa in Togo. There obtained a professional degree in computer networks and telecommunications. With three other university colleagues, he created the startup Dashmake in 2015 and coordinated the project SOS System: SOS Cars and SOS Secours. The SOS System was awarded at the national and international levels. In addition to the managerial experience from Dashmake, Eddie perfected his skills in start-up management and financial methods at Hemera and StartupBootCamp in South Africa and France. Passionate about languages, he also enrolled in German courses at the Goethe Institute in Lomé and graduated nine months later with a B1 certificate. 

ILVP Impact Award Project: Training City Hall Officials on Cybersecurity Issues and Cyberattack Protection

This project raised awareness among the staff of the town halls, who include decision-makers and staff with access to data, on the challenges of cybersecurity and to train them to adopt good cybersecurity hygiene. There were multiple activities within the project. Eddie held an information workshop on cybercrime focusing on the types and the seriousness of cybercrimes on institutions like city halls. There was also a training on good practices and responses to cybercrime, as well as the production of a manual with good cybersecurity policies for media and platforms.

This project educated town hall leaders in 3 different regions of Togo on important cybersecurity issues and their vulnerabilities in relation to them. By training participants on how to detect phishing attacks and providing tools to avoid them, Eddie’s project allowed communities to protect themselves.  

"We learned different techniques of attacks of which we can be victim and also how to protect ourselves and the public entity that is the city hall, against these attacks." - Project Participant

IVLP Exchange Experience 

Eddie was a participant in the IVLP Project Promoting Cybersecurity organized by the U.S. Department of State and Meridian International Center.

Eddie's exchange experience led to the development of his IVLP Impact Award Project: "Today, I share and develop the knowledge I have acquired with the Togolese youth. IVLP is the program that has boosted my project and helped it impact others on the national and international levels."

U.S. Communities Visited

Los Angeles, CA; Washington, DC; Des Moines, IA; Boston, MA; Cleveland, OH; San Antonio, TX

Country: Togo

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