WordPress Web Development Contract

Request for Proposal

Meridian International Center seeks an experienced WordPress web developer with strong back-end skills and an eye for aesthetics and deep understanding of data, product development, UX design and more to improve the content structure, navigability, responsiveness and overall appearance of the WordPress-powered website and blog, which are currently running WordPress version 4.9.8 with the hosting website service HostDime.

We are looking to update our web platforms to be more flexible, informative and easy to maintain while also having the ability to process large amounts of data and deliver constantly changing information to our key audiences. In addition to refreshing the website and blog design so they are more user-friendly with an intuitive interface, we also want to enhance their ability to communicate securely with our internal and external databases (i.e. CRM) at faster processing speeds. Additionally, we are looking to improve our SEO as well as our data management and server hosting.

We want a partner to help us figure out what we need, and identify our pain and gain points. At this time, we’re envisioning about 10 hours per week starting February 1, 2019 through at least September 30, 2019. However, we again look to the web developer as the expert to help us set realistic goals and expectations given the projects outlined below and in the attached RFP.

Scope of Work:

Main Task

  1. Modify WordPress templates and plugins to run on PHP 7.2 or greater
  2. Migrate all website to dedicated server (DigitalOcean or another)
  3. Build multi-domain hosting server (currently on HostDime)
  4. SSL certificates integration & static content update to https
  5. Implement schema.org for all website content
  6. TAG Manager integration
  7. Change template raster graphics to SVG and custom fonts
  8. Speed-Up page rendering with local cache
  9. Speed-Up worldwide content delivery with CDN
  10. Adopt WordPress templates for WP 5.0, once stable version is out (current version is 4.9.8)
  11. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & DMCA compliance
  12. Develop new shortcuts for the Meridian website


  1. Online Annual Report development
  2. Exhibitions mini-sites development
  3. Rental mini-site development (expand on rental page of website)
  4. Meridian blog redesign
  5. Meridian website redesign – simplified, user-friendly, dynamic press room, more content archived, improved mobile responsiveness

Maintenance Tasks

  1. Cross-browser optimization
  2. Optimization for smartphones and tablets
  3. Websites and databases backups
  4. HTML/CSS code validation
  5. WordPress core and plugins updates
  6. WordPress high security vulnerabilities fixes
  7. Fix bugs and vulnerabilities as identified in scanning reports, notification systems, etc.
  8. Websites improvements and new features development (Next Releases)