Request for Proposal: Hotel, Detroit, Michigan

Released: January 2, 2018
Proposals Due: February 1, 2018

Meridian International Center requests bids from hotels in Washington, D.C. for our Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows Program, which will bring 250 young entrepreneurs to the U.S. from Latin America and the Caribbean. Meridian seeks hotels that can accommodate our block of 130 double/double rooms and 30 single rooms over the period September 26-29, 2018. The selected hotel will host a conference attended by 350 guests, including a number of high-profile visitors.

Preference will be given to hotels offering room rates at or below the federal goverment per diem, with breakfast and wifi included.

*Please note: this bid is contigent upon funding.

General Information:

  • Hotel Name
  • Hotel Address
  • Website
  • Room Rate (rate must be within the approved GSA nightly rate)
  • Description of location, including restuarants or shopping centers that are walking distance and/or short drive from the hotel
  • Are you able to provide complementary breakfast and WiFi for up to 285 hotel guests?
  • Please list any concessions your hotel is prepared to provide, in addition to the actual cost of each item.
  • Is your hotel able to turn off all incidental charges to each room unless the individual presents a credit card for payment of each room?
  • Please explain in detail the security measures in place to accommodate possible high profile guests.
  • Please include facilities for guests with disabilities, inclusive of number of rooms and detailed types of accomodations.

Conference Requirements: please list pricing for each of the following:

  • 1 large conference room to accommodate 350 guests in rounds
  • 5 breakout conference rooms to accommodate up to 70 guests each (theater or rounds – please specify)
  • 12 smaller breakout spaces for up to 25 guests in each room (theater or rounds – please specify)
  • Designated room to be used as office space for Meridian International Center employees
  • Designated Green Room for speakers and high profile guests to gather before program sessions
  • Designed Media Room to store AV equimpment, conduct interviews, etc.
  • AV pricing breakdown – including: laptops, screen, microphones, speakers, and AV tech
  • Menus and costs for coffee and tea service; Buffet lunch and reception for up to 350 guests

Ms. Erin Koepke, Project Director | (202) 939-5533 |