Request for Proposal – Chartered Bus/ Motor Coach/ Van Transportation Services (RFP No. 002-18)

RFP No. 002-18
Date RFP is issued: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Due Submission Date: Friday, July 6, 2018

Type of Contract: This is a non-exclusive fixed fee contract. GlobalConnect Division (GC) and Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy (MCCD) at Meridian International Center (Meridian) shall pay the contractor a fixed fee on a per-trip basis against a valid invoice as outlined under the cost summary item.

Contract Term: One-year period from the date to start services with two one-year options to renew.

Estimated Annual no. of various Program Participants: 1,000

In accordance with the requirements of this proposal, the undersigned offers and agrees, if their proposal is accepted to furnish any and all services for which the prices are submitted in accordance with the conditions specified by the proposal.

The bidder assumes sole responsibility for the complete effort required in this RFP. No special consideration shall be given after bids are received due to bidder’s failure to be knowledgeable of all the requirements under this RFP. By submitting a proposal in response to this RFP, the bidder confirms that it has satisfied itself of all the requirement of this RFP.

No RFP will be accepted if submitted after the close of business by 6 p.m. on the due date: FRIDAY JULY 6, 2018

Download RFP No. 002-18 *.PDF


Meridian International Center (Meridian) works with U.S. Government Agencies, foreign governments, and private-sector clients worldwide to create lasting international partnerships through leadership and cultural exchanges. Through these partnerships, Meridian has conducted exchange programs for more than 65,000 foreign professionals over the last 50 years and organized cultural exhibitions to 357 host venues in 44 U.S. states and 55 countries.

Meridian connects U.S. and foreign governments with the private sector to respond to global challenges and sustain impact through working with the U.S. government to develop partnerships with emerging powers like China and India and traditional allies like France and Spain.

Meridian also administers annually 40% of all the International Visitor Leadership Program projects which are sponsored and funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs for about 4,000 distinguished visitors to the U.S. every year.

Purpose of the Proposal:

GlobalConnect/MCCD at Meridian is seeking proposals to select a transportation contractor to provide chartered bus, mini-motor coach and van transportation services for the official use in running various Federal and private exchange programs. This RFP covers usage within the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

Scope of Work:

The selected transportation agency (“Contractor)” will provide chartered bus/motor coach/van transportation services for GC and MCCD official program participants. Buses/motor coaches/vans must be equipped and serviced with the following:

  • Buses/motor coaches/vans must be clean, orderly and in excellent overall condition.
  • Buses/motor coaches/vans must be equipped with the following: a clean and properly functioning restroom, properly functioning heating and air conditioning, properly functioning TV’s/DVD.
  • Buses/motor coaches/vans must have adequate storage space for program participants’ personal luggage and/or equipment and have the capacity to handle the full load of passengers and baggage safely.
  • The Contractor’s personnel shall supervise and assist with loading and unloading of baggage and equipment and will assure that it is loaded properly and safely.
  • The Contractor should have the ability to offer a variety of bus/van capacity seating for groups of 5-10 pax, 10-25 pax, 25-35 pax, 45-55 pax.
  • It is expected that the newest and highest quality buses/vans in the Contractor’s fleet will be assigned to serve this contract.
  • Buses/vans must be secured/locked whenever driver and/or passengers are not present.
  • GC/MCCD will provide schedule and specific time needs one week in advance of the trip. Buses/vans shall arrive at Meridian building or alternate loading point at least 15 minutes prior to boarding/departure time.
  • At the Contractor’s expense, drivers must have cell phones with them throughout the duration of the trip/program in order to report any emergencies/mechanical difficulties and to allow that they may be reached at any time while at their destination.
  • Contractor’s drivers are expected to be at GC/MCCD’s service for transportation during various official venues on the trip day.
  • Meridian will pay the Contractor’s driver’s lodging expense directly to the hotel (within GSA authorized per diem rates) when lodging is necessary.
  • Contractor’s drivers must be familiar with various Washington, DC’s Federal Government Offices, banks and main business locations, sightseeing attractions including museums and other tourist sites in DC and in neighboring States. GC/MCCD will provide a list of the specific destination locations (airport, hotel, university, Govt. offices, athletic venues, sightseeing spots, etc) prior to each trip. It is expected that the assigned driver will obtain pertinent information about the destination and have the necessary directions to drive directly to the specified destination locations.
  • Contractor’s drivers will abide with all parking and driving regulations throughout the Washington, DC area; and in particular, be cognizant of and adhere to the various parking restrictions in and around the Meridian location.
  • Contractor must be accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to address emergencies, problems, equipment failure, etc.
  • Contractor must provide a single point managerial level contact to coordinate all Meridian’s requirements.


  • Cancellation will be sent in writing two days in advance of the scheduled trip when possible.
  • Emergency cancellation may be subject to a cancellation charge.  No other charges will be accepted.
  • Force Majeure Cancellation: In the event of inclement weather Contractor and GC/MCCD’s Director/Program Officer will consider and mutually agree on an alternative travel route to transport the official program participants safely to their destination. If inclement weather does not permit for the safe transportation to the event and the event is cancelled, the Contractor will not charge Meridian a fee for the canceled trip. Meridian will arrange an alternative date if possible for travel to the rescheduled event.

Bus Breakdown:

  • Extra buses and drivers will be available in cases of breakdowns.  No added charge shall be made on extra time accumulated due to bus breakdowns/driver delays.
  • Contractor shall ensure that its drivers comply with all laws and regulations that pertain to safe driving conditions, including but not limited to, required drive and rest periods.


The winning bidder(s) shall commence no work until all the necessary insurance documents on the operated coach buses/vans and their operating drivers are submitted to Meridian.


The Contractor must file with the Department of Transportation proof of insurance (motor carrier registration).


The Contractor shall insure that each bus/van driver who supplies services under the awarded contract will have the following:

  1. Possess a valid commercial Driver’s License with a passenger endorsement as defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  2. Have a good driving record.
  3. Have no Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) on their driving record.
  4. Must have passed a physical examination in the past twelve months.

Price Sheet and Supporting Detail:

Please submit a price schedule of the per-trip fixed fee services for various seating capacity buses/vans offered along with any extra hourly payment charge and/or gratuity and cancellation fees.

Payment Method

Meridian will pay the Contractor against the agreed fixed price schedule listed in the bidder’s proposal for all due transportation expenses within 30 days of invoice receipt.

Cost Liability

GC/MCCD assumes no responsibility and bears no liability for cost incurred by bidders in the preparation and submittal of proposals in response to this RFP.

Joint Venture

If a joint venture is submitting a bid, the agreement between the parties relating to such joint venture is required to be submitted with the joint ventures proposal. Authorized signatures from each party compromising the joint venture must sign the bid proposal.

Business Registration Notice

The Contractor who’s submitting the proposal is required to be in good business standing and should adhere to all U.S. Federal and State Regulations and to all other applicable registrations laws. Proof of a valid business registration is required prior to conducting business with GC/MCCD. Failure to submit such valid registration with a bid will render the bid materially non-responsive.

License and Permits

The contractor shall obtain and maintain in full compliance and affect all required licenses, permits, and authorizations necessary to perform this contract. The Contractor shall supply GC/MCCD with evidence of all such licenses, permits and authorizations. This evidence shall be submitted subsequent to the contract award.

Ownership of Material

All data, technical information, materials gathered, oriented, developed, prepared, used or obtained in the performance of the contract, including but not limited to, all reports, surveys, plans, written procedures which are completed for or are a result of services required under this contract shall and remain the property of GC/MCCD and shall be delivered to GC/MCCD upon a 30-day notice.

Data Confidentiality

All financial, statistical, personnel, itinerary and/or technical data supplied by GC/MCCD to the contractor is confidential. The contractor is required to use reasonable care to protect the confidentiality of such data. Any use, sale or offering of this data in any form by the contractor, or any individual or entity in the contractor’s charge or employ, will be considered a violation of this contract and may result in termination for cause. In addition, such conduct may be considered a breach of contract that is liable to litigation.

The contractor shall not use Meridian, GC, or MCCD’s name, logos, images, or any data or results arising from the contract without first obtaining the prior written consent of Meridian/GC/MCCD.

Suspension of Work

GlobalConnect/MCCD may, for a valid reason, issue a stop order directing the contractor to suspend work under the contract for a specific time. The contract services shall be paid until the effective stop date of the stop order.

Proposal Preparation and Submission Instructions

The bidder is required to follow the instructions contained in this RFP and in the bid cover sheet in preparing and submitting its bid proposal. The bidder is advised to read thoroughly and follow all instructions.

Each bidder is given wide latitude in the degree of detail it elects to offer or extent to which plans, designs, systems, procedures are revealed. However, insufficient detail may result in a determination that the bid proposal is materially non-responsive or may lower its technical score.

Number of Bid Proposals

Each bidder is required to submit one (1) complete original bid proposal, utilizing PDF or Word format, and to include all the relevant documents, registration and other membership certificates, via email to Quentin Lide, Director of Administration, at and copy to Alyssa Bogosian at


Detailed resumes should be submitted for all supervisory and key personnel to be assigned to the contract.


GlobalConnect/MCCD will only accept written questions and inquiries from all potential bidders receiving this RFP. Written questions should be emailed to Quentin Lide, Director of Administration, at

The deadline to submit questions is by no later than close of business on Tuesday, July 3, 2018.

Download RFP No. 002-18 *.PDF

Proposal Form and Content including questionnaire

The bidder shall set forth its overall technical approach and plans to meet the requirements of the RFP in a narrative format. The narrative should convince GC/MCCD that the bidder understands the objectives that the contract intends to meet and the nature of the required work level necessary to successfully complete the contract. In addition to the points listed in the scope of work, the proposal should address the following questionnaire. The bidder should limit their response to 20 pages:

  • Using the Scope of Work as a guide, outline a travel plan for GC/MCCD’s transportation of various exchange program participants.
  • Provide total number of buses/vans in your fleet along with the make, model, age and mileage for the fleet of buses/vans that will be utilized for GC/MCCD transportation services. Also provide a description of the passenger convenience facilities for each motor coach bus/van (e.g. restroom, tv, DVD players, comfort seats).
  • Provide the date of the last Department of Transportation’s inspection of your fleet. Describe any violations or corrective actions required.
  • Provide a list (if any) of motor coach bus/van accidents involving the Contractor’s fleet for the past 3 years.
  • Provide the total number of your staff members and the total number of certified bus drivers.
  • Describe the credential check and criminal record check taken for the hiring process of the Contractor’s drivers.
  • If you use subcontractors, please list which companies and for what services including bus maintenance.
  • Indicate the location of your fleet service facilities.
  • Provide contact information for three references of non-profit or Government agencies for which you have provided services during the past three years.
  • List your insurance coverages and amounts. [A proof of insurance coverage will be required if the company is approved for service.]
  • Does your company have any drug testing for drivers? Yes ____ No ____ Please explain.
  • Add any additional literature covering services your company offers on a regular basis.
  • Describe how your company monitors your drivers’ adherence to local parking restrictions and ensures that they comply with all rules and regulations related to parking in residential areas.