Often visionary leaders in global organizations want to seek help for the challenges they face, but are not sure whether to proceed or which direction to take. Meridian’s Seminars on Global Leadership and Global Organizational Development can a part of the solution. Designed as a forum for knowledge sharing among individuals and small groups from a wide range of companies and agencies, Meridian's Trainings and Seminars provide valuable knowledge, insights and skills for those who have global leadership roles and cross-border responsibilities. They also afford tremendous opportunities for participants to network with others facing similar leadership dilemmas. By coming together, participants can develop new strategies to successfully overcome common challenges.

Meridian works closely with clients to develop programs tailored to their specific needs. Our carefully designed engagements help organizations create a unified workplace from a diverse workforce and equip visionary leaders with the cutting edge guidance, skills, and knowledge needed to help their organizations succeed in the global business environment.

Meridian customized programs and services include:

Global Leadership Competencies

  • Executive Coaching
  • Country and Regional Briefings
  • Cultural Awareness Training
  • Expatriate/Repatriation Coaching
  • Global Team Development

Doing Business Internationally

  • Global Business Development Seminars
  • Briefings on Current Issues
  • Discussions with Policymakers and Experts
  • Facilitation of Group Meetings/Events