American-Chinese Cultural Initiative (ACCI)

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ACCI is made possible through the support of our members:

In today’s global landscape, the United States and China have emerged as key players in the world economy while their bilateral relationship is a central component of foreign policy. Although our two nations may differ in many areas, culture – a universally human phenomenon – is one place where we can find common ground, build genuine respect for one another, and turn mutual challenges into collaborative opportunities. To promote cultural understanding between our countries, Meridian International Center has launched in 2011 The American-Chinese Cultural Initiative (ACCI).

ACCI is an outgrowth of a five-year Memorandum of Understanding between Meridian and the Chinese International Culture Association. This Initiative uses Meridian’s convening power to further bilateral understanding and address topical themes through its innovative exchange programs that showcase collaborations between Americans and Chinese in art, music, dance, film, cuisine, and other cultural media. ACCI is intended as a public-private partnership between American and Chinese businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities. Through such connections, participants learn about each other’s cultures while serving as ambassadors for their own countries. With associated conferences and forums, ACCI also assists government and business leaders in comprehending the cultural forces that underlie the U.S.-China political, economic, and strategic relationship.

Activities include:

  • Promoting people-to-people exchanges that involve government officials, business leaders, scholars, collectors, curators, and artists.
  • Organizing an annual U.S.-China Culture Conference that convenes high-level speakers to explore timely and relevant topics such as Mitigating Conflict through Cultural Diplomacy and Using Culture to Build Brand Equity.
  • Creating exhibitions, panel discussions, concerts, and other public programs that can travel to multiple venues in the U.S. and China.
  • Designing and producing training programs, education guides, and activities linked to art and cultural efforts.

ACCI is uniquely positioned to utilize Meridian’s 50 years of expertise in promoting international understanding through dialogue and exchanges. It is a powerful tool for communicating with people at all levels with the potential to reach 1.5 billion citizens between the two countries. It is an ideal strategy for businesses to increase public exposure in the U.S. and China, join a network of cross-sector leaders, and also explore Corporate Social Responsibility efforts in the community, leadership, and cultural arenas.